The ULTRA RUNNING RELAY teams consist of 3 people and 18 legs where each person will run 6 legs of various lengths for an average total of approximately 35.6 miles per person.


- Can ONLY be in the RUNNING division must be able to finish in 21 hours or by 12pm on Sunday.
- Can be classified as MALE, FEMALE, or MIXED
- Will have teammates at least 18 years of age as of June 28, 2014


ULTRA TEAMS are held to the same important dates and guidelines as non-ultra teams regarding team registration, pace sheet submission, volunteer registration, team member substitution deadlines, captain meetings, packet pick-up, and event waiver. In terms of preparation before the event, there are small but key differences the ULTRA team should know.

Teammates: The ULTRA TEAM will only need 3 people; Minimum age is 18 as of June 28, 2014.

Team Captain: Amongst your 3 teammates, a TEAM CAPTAIN should be selected. The role of the Team Captain for an Ultra Team is similar to that of non-ultra teams with the major difference being having fewer people to manage.

Runner Rotation: Please see two charts below for the two OPTIONS (A & B) for reference. Ultra Runners will choose to run as runner 1, 2 or 3. In OPTION A Runner 1 will run Legs 1-6, Runner 2 will run Legs 7-12, and Runner 3 will run Legs 13-18. In OPTION B, Runner 1 will run Legs 1-3 & 10-12, Runner 2 will run Legs 4-6 & 13-15, and Runner 3 will run Legs 7-9 & 16-18. Captains must declare to Event Officials which OPTION (A or B) they will choose prior to the event. ULTRA RUNNERS will run through EXCHANGE ZONES between legs and may stop for support (ie. bathrooms, basic medical tent, nutrition, etc.).



Run Chart Ultra

Run Chart Ultra



Pace projections: ULTRA Runners will be required to submit the electronic TEAM PACE CHART. Completion of this chart enables event management to determine a start time for your team and will provide teammates with a time of when they can expect to pick up/drop off runners at the EXCHANGE ZONES. ULTRA RUNNERS SHOULD SUBMIT THEIR ANTICIPATED PER MILE PACE FOR A MARATHON. More information on the Pace Charts can be found under the TEAM heading on the website.

Start Time: ULTRA team’s start time is based on your team’s projected finishing time, as derived from the electronic TEAM PACE CHART. ULTRA teams will begin & finish Relay Around Columbus within the mix of non-ultra relay teams. There will be no time period or wave designated for ULTRA teams to start Relay Around Columbus.

Training: Individual ULTRA runners are responsible for their own physical training prior to participating in Relay Around Columbus.

Driving: Ultra Teams will only have to exchange runners in the EXCHANGE ZONES on two instances for OPTION A: EXCHANGE ZONES 6 & 12, and for OPTION B: EXCHANGE ZONES 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 & 18. However, we do not advise you to drop off your runner and then drive directly to the EXCHANGE ZONE either 6 Legs (OPTION A), or 3 Legs (OPTION B), ahead. Rather, we advise you to stay in close proximity to your runner in the event they need assistance at various EXCHANGE ZONES.

Driving Maps. Below are the current driving maps for the RUN COURSE. They go from START to EXCHANGE ZONE #1… them proceed from EXCHANGE ZONE to EXCHANGE ZONE until reaching the FINISH.

Run Course

Leg 1

Leg 2

Leg 3

Leg 4

Leg 5

Leg 6

Leg 7

Leg 8

Leg 9

Leg 10

Leg 11

Leg 12

Leg 13

Leg 14

Leg 15

Leg 16

Leg 17

Leg 18