The first thing you need to do is put a team together. You can start by recruiting your running / walking friends. If you don’t know 6 runners / walkers likely the ones you do know will have friends who would like to join. Once you have your group together, select a Captain who will be in charge of your team and registration. At this point you will then want to have an initial team meeting to go over all of the information in the RAC EVENT GUIDE. Make certain that everyone is on board and understands the rules of the event.

Next, start collecting entry fees from everyone on the team so that the Captain can register your team online. If you do not initially have enough members to complete a team, don’t worry; you should not have a difficult time finding others to fill out your roster. But, have your captain register your team as soon as possible so that you guarantee your teams slot in the event.

If it is getting close to the event, there will be last minute people looking to join a team. ‘LIKING’ “Relay Around Columbus” - via the community page - on Facebook is a great way to connect RAC participants looking for teammates. There is also a Relay Around Columbus ‘friends’ page on Facebook, and RAC is on twitter @RelayColumbus

Once you have your team organized, the Captain needs to go to the Registration link and register your team. The Captain alone will have access to the registration process and will be responsible for your entry.

If your team wants a driver, and or, a companion runner / walker, or cyclist, there is a separate registration site, and fee, for these individuals. These people will also receive an event shirt, finisher’s medal, etc. It is not mandatory to have these support people register for the swag that the participants receive, but it will be offered. All of the support people must sign a waiver to participate with the team.

There is also a separate registration for the team volunteer. Teams with at least one member from Franklin County, or the surrounding counties, are required to supply a volunteer for the event. To keep your stress levels down, find the volunteer early… don't wait until the last minute!

Now that the team is organized and registered, make certain that your team is training and is ready to go on event day. If leading up to the event there are team issues and not everyone can participate, there are provisions to substitute if someone is injured, or has an emergency. The Captain will handle this and any other issues that arise for the team.

Other items of necessity to secure include: securing a vehicle that legally seats all the people on your team (including drivers, companion runners / walkers or cyclists); finding the one mandatory volunteer per team (local teams) and having them register online; selecting a team name; getting team shirts, hats, etc.; training to become physically fit for Relay Around Columbus’ unique endurance challenge.