Registration Procedure

Before the Relay
- Find ONE volunteer and have that person register with RAC. Franklin & adjacent counties ONLY! Have them attend a
  pre race Volunteer Meeting.
- Arrange a vehicle that meets Relay Around Columbus specifications.
- Familiarize yourself and all vehicle drivers with EVENT GUIDE DRIVER’S GUIDE
- Arrange hotel stay (optional)
- Inform all team spectators of Relay Around Columbus rules regarding spectators
- Attend the mandatory Captain’s Meeting in June 2014 and pick up: bib numbers for runners/walkers, a team recording
  sheet, and team shirts.
- Look for ongoing communication from Relay Around Columbus, especially team start time (released on June 6, 2014)
  on Saturday, June 28, 2014

Event Check-In & Relay
- Bring printed & signed Relay Around Columbus waivers for each teammate (including drivers, companion
  runner/walker, and cyclist).
- Vehicle must possess: (2) flashlights or (2) headlamps and (2) reflective vests
- Other items for your vehicle: basic first aid kit, insect repellant, Ziploc bags for dirty running/walking clothes, food &
  hydration needs
- Familiarize all teammates with Relay Around Columbus rules and etiquette
- Ensure all participants run/walk with their cell phone!