Welcome to Relay Around Columbus. Before the start there will be changes and additions to the course, and to this website, as information becomes available and alterations occur. Please return to the RAC site, as changes will be made to update various sections.

The Registration process is a pretty simple one once you have your team organized. On, or after, November 1st, come to the Relay Around Columbus website and click on the Registration page. Your Captain should be the person who signs up your team and from the RAC site they will be directed to and will begin entering your team information and make the team entry fee payment. The Captain will have about 15 minutes to get through all the registration or there is a good chance they will be 'timed out' by the Active system. The Captain will receive a confirmation email and your team will be entered into the Relay Around Columbus. The Captain will also register any support personnel (driver, cyclist, companion runner / walker) that would like to have the event shirt and finishers medal on a separate registration link on the registration page. This on line support personnel registration is optional only for those teams that would like to have these items for these support people.

In 2012, Relay Around Columbus will take a grand total of 200 RUN / WALK / ULTRA and HIGH SCHOOL teams.

Relay Around Columbus reserves the right, at its discretion, to not allow teams to participate. If this occurs then the entry fees will be returned.