Welcome to Relay Around Columbus. This event will have its inaugural start in 2012. Before the start there will be many changes and additions to the course, and to this website, as information becomes available and alterations occur. Please return to the RAC site, as changes will be made to update various sections.

Relay Around Columbus would not exist without the Partners who have graciously committed working with the event. They are in the following categories:

SUPPORTING – these partners provide goods, products, services or financial considerations to the event.

COMMUNITY – these partners provide services, or have reciprocal arrangements with RAC, to promote and support the event.

CHARITY / NOT FOR PROFIT – these organizations receive direct financial support or exposure from RAC. It is the intention of Relay Around Columbus to support various organizations in Central Ohio as way of helping those in need and as such a portion of every entry fee will be donated.

TRAINING – these partners are organizations that are involved in endurance sports and offer coaching and training for events, or simply for health and wellness.