Participant safety is an important issue for Relay Around Columbus. We are taking reasonable steps to create a safe environment throughout the course.  The steps include:

1. It is mandatory for each participant on the course to carry a cell phone with a number registered with RAC.

2. Police presence at various specific points and circulating on the course.

3. RAC bicycle patrols on course.

4. Community citizen patrol groups on course.

5. Ability for any participant on course to be accompanied by a companion cyclist, runner, or walker with them for any leg(s).  This companion must officially be part of the event, and ride with the team in the team vehicle. (These cyclists or runners / walkers will have their own separate registration through However, as Relay Around Columbus will not be closing down the course to the public, and understands that some participants would like to have someone with them on course, we encourage the escort if they feel it is warranted.

6. ARES Ham radio operators at every Exchange Zone.

If there are any questions on any safety concerns please contact RAC at


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