The following are some of the “Rules” for Relay Around Columbus. They are all ‘common sense’ and are designed for your safety and to comply with the laws or rules of the various jurisdictions where RAC passes. We do not want to be Kill Joys or over the top on Rules… but we do have to have some to keep the event safe and in order. Please respect them and we will have not problems.

  1. Know the Course
    It is the participant’s ultimate responsibility to know the course. RAC will provide signs, markings and marshals on the course… but there may be a point where the participant needs to use their best judgment on where to go… and that is where knowing the course come into play. This event is an ‘adventure’ event… and getting lost, or not getting lost, is part of that adventure… but not a part that you want to have happen to you… so KNOW THE COURSE!

  2. Batons
    The batons for RAC are slap bracelets. Your team needs to protect this item. There is only one per team and they are available for your team at the START of the event. The incoming runner will exchange this baton with the outgoing runner in the EXCHANGE ZONES. Not wearing the bracelet or losing the bracelet will lead to disqualification.

  3. Belts
    Thanks to Second Sole and our Partnership with Amphipod ( every team will receive two belts with a pouch. Why? As you know Relay Around Columbus is a Metro Relay where we are utilizing a lot of trails around the city. Unlike many other distance relays where the team vehicle is on the same road as the participant, RAC participants will not always be near their vehicle and may need to contact teammates in a timely fashion. As we keep safety as our first concern, and require that all participants carry a phone – we needed to provide a mechanism for convenient carrying of the phone. So this is the best option that we have been able to find that will serve both purposes. If a team member is found without this best and their cell phone the team will be disqualified.

  4. Head Phones
    No headphones and iPods, etc. on the course. It is pretty much that simple. Leave them in the vehicle. We want you to be able to hear and pay attention to your environment around you. If you are caught using them… your team will be disqualified.

  5. Trash / Damage
    This Rule is just a common courtesy thing with trash and damage. We will provide some trash receptacles at the EXCHANGE ZONES. You will also have other opportunities along the course to throw items away. With damage to property… please be respectful to the grounds we will utilize for the event.
    If teams are caught intentionally littering and or intentionally damaging property… they will be disqualified.

  6. Toilets
    We will have them at every EXCHANGE ZONE (except #1) – use them. You will also have other opportunities to use other facilities along the route. If teams are caught relieving themselves on or around the grounds of the course… they will be disqualified.

  7. Obey Traffic Laws
    Please obey the traffic law as we have had to obtain permission from the various municipalities for this event. Law Enforcement Officials want a safe event without incident… just as we do. They will be looking for people to disobey the law. Please do not put yourself, or others, at risk

  8. Walkers Running
    If you sign up for the WALK DIVISION… then walk. There are no trophies at this event to win… it is about personal integrity. Use it. If you are walking team and are caught running you will be penalized 1 hour added to your time for the first offense. A second offense will lead to disqualification. Note: A running team may use walkers on their team.

  9. Going too Fast
    If your team is moving through the course faster than your predicted time so that you might move through the course faster than we can set up the event … your team will be held up for an hour. This hour will be deducted from your overall time at the finish in the final results. The goal is for all teams to finish in a window that we have scheduled. Please respect our efforts to have the course set up for you and for all teams and do not falsify your entry times.

  10. Going too Slow
    Teams must complete the event in 21 hours regardless if they are a running or walking team. The team’s projected pace chart will give the indication as to the expected time for the team. If your team is not maintaining a pace to complete in 21 hours you will be moved further up the course by RAC officials, and RAC officials only! If this happens then please have the person who was bumped up run or walk the next leg with the next person in order on the team. We want everyone to complete the course and finish… and we understand that things might happen… so we will work with you to finish what you started. Please recognize we have a schedule to keep as well if you are asked to move up on the course. Please note that moving up on the course must be approved by RAC officials and can only be done if teams are going too slow and the move will keep them finishing all of the 105 miles (if not more, as in some cases, depending on the legs, if a team is moved up they will do more than 105 miles). If teams do not finish at least 105 miles then they will not be recognized in the final results and will not receive finishers medals.

  11. Abuse of Officials
    If you are found to verbally or physically abuse an Event Official your team will be disqualified and the offending person will be unable to participate in Relay Around Columbus or any other Endurance Sports Production event for a minimum of two years. Most Officials are volunteers and without them the event does not happen. Please respect them and thank them for their efforts.